Meet our first Volunteer of the Month: Stacey Williams! She completed 500 POSTCARDS this past month! 🥳

Stacey is a 27-year Santa Clarita Valley resident who currently lives in Castaic. She started as a texting volunteer during the 2018 midterm elections, and she is still active as a texter and researcher for Movement Labs. When asked what drives her to do this work, Stacey said:

“Like most people my age, I’m hoping to leave an inheritance for my stepdaughters and their children, but it occurred to me that no inheritance could make up for being left with a destroyed democracy, no more social safety net, and a global warming-caused environmental catastrophe. My volunteer work is both a gift and a debt I owe the younger generations. My hope is that my postcards will challenge the inertia of those who don’t bother to vote, alert those who are unaware they’ve been rendered unable to vote, and motivate both groups to register and vote.”

We’re so grateful for the dedication and hard work that Stacey and all of the fabulous volunteers devote to making our community, state, and world a better place. If you’d like to get information about upcoming volunteer opportunities, you can contact Juliana.

April Volunteer of the Month

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