Jandy Richardson is a Southern California local who moved to Newhall about 9 years ago with her husband and two kids. Jandy was an active volunteer previously for CA25 United for Progress and has recently begun volunteering for SCV Democrats in a variety of roles, including clerical work to support the organization and helping with the food drive for the Sulphur Springs community resource center. Jandy said this about why she volunteers:

“I’ve had a lot of fun volunteering for a while now. I used to help out in the classroom and with the PTA when our kids were young and loved it. Volunteering for political campaigns and organizations is much newer to me. I was completely alarmed and freaked out by the discourse, rhetoric, and events going on during the 2016 presidential election and subsequent administration years, and realized that I had been complacent about causes I care deeply about for much of my life and unfortunately took a lot of things for granted. And, I could see how important a role politics play in relation to those causes. So, now I pay closer attention to politics and try to educate myself about issues and volunteer for candidates, groups and organizations fighting for causes and values I care about more consistently in any way I can.”

We’re so grateful for the help that volunteers like Jandy give to our organization and community every day. If you’d like to volunteer too, just contact [email protected] and she’ll get you started. 

May Volunteer of the Month: Jandy Richardson

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