Andrew Taban


“There is more that unites us than divides us.”

Andrew taban

Andrew Taban (he/him) is an advocate for education and social justice. As a first generation American and proud Californian, he believes in the American dream and the belief that every individual should be given the opportunity to reach their true potential. For over a decade, he has invested his time and passion into elevating multiple organizations and nonprofits to promote and drive justice and equality for all. Dedicated to a life of public service, he continues to work alongside political and community leaders to ensure every person has a seat at the table.

As the current Chair, Taban is committed to ensuring that the Santa Clarita Valley Democrats continue their commitment of serving our community and its residents. His core belief and saying is “There is more that unites us, then divides us” and he continues to work towards a path that we can all join in on. He is a firm believer that the great state of California is a beacon of hope and progress, and plans to continue his work within our communities to ensure that all voices are heard in our democratic processes.