Kat Walker

Board Member

Kat (she/her) spent her childhood on Cape Cod in Massachusetts in an activist household. She grew up attending peace vigils, attending political meetings with her parents for groups such as Women’s Action for Nuclear Disarmament (WAND), and her family even hosted anti-nuclear advocate Helen Caldicott in their home. In elementary school, Kat’s mother once allowed her to miss school in order to attend a court date with her parents in Boston after they had gotten into some “good trouble.” She even drew a book about her “field trip” and remembers she had a blast in the city.

Once out of high school, Kat attended college in Boston and earned her Bachelor of Science in Communication Disorders. She then moved to the Los Angeles area to get her masters in the same field. Kat has been a Speech Language Pathologist for over two decades, working with the 0 to 22 year old population. She is also a full time working single mother of two school age children and a gun violence prevention activist. She believes that one big reason that she is a boots on the ground activist is because she was exposed to activism at a young age, so she hopes her children will also grow up to be lifelong activists.

Kat is excited about this new endeavor and is ready to fight for progress in many areas, especially gun violence prevention, LGBTQ and women’s rights, and combating systemic racism.