Meetings and Agendas

Upcoming Meetings

There are no upcoming events.

Board Meeting Agendas

Membership Meetings

Our membership meetings provide our many members the opportunity to hear updates about what our organization has accomplished and new information about what our organization is currently working on. We also invite informational and guest speakers to our membership meetings to help inform our members about important issues. Visit our Events page to find information about upcoming membership meetings.

Informational Meetings

Our members meet on the first Wednesday of the month for informational meetings. These informational meetings include installments of our orientation series for new members (or those just eager to learn more!), educational presentations such as those from the California Redistricting Commission, and more.

Executive Board Meetings

Our Executive Board meets on the first Wednesday of every month to discuss the operational and logistical aspects of how our organization achieves our mission and goals. All are welcome to attend, but you must email us if you would like to join us for an executive board meeting.

To request to speak on an agenda item, or to speak during the public comment period, please submit a request by email to [email protected] with the item you’d like to speak on before the start of the meeting. Speaking time will be decided by the chair. Speakers will be provided no longer than 3 minutes each to speak. You must be a member in good standing to speak during the meeting. No action will be taken on any item not appearing on the agenda.