Extremist Republican Mike Garcia lies about representing our community.

Mike Garcia said NO to

  • Creating 2 million jobs
  • Supporting our veterans
  • Abortion, even in the case of rape
  • Repairing our roads
  • Background Checks for assault weapons

Economy & Jobs

  • Garcia voted against the Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal that was projected to create 2 million jobs per year, and which gave California billions in funding to make much-needed repairs and improvements to roads, bridges, power grids, water pipes, & broadband internet. He also voted against a plan to help lower the price of gas by cracking down on greedy oil companies.

Women’s Reproductive Rights

  • Garcia co-authored “The Life at Conception Act” which would ban all abortions, IUDs, IVF, and some cancer treatments for women nationwide. He also opposed multiple plans to crack down on domestic violence, including opposing full reauthorization of the “Violence Against Women Act.”

Gun Reform

  • Garcia said that no “law in the world” could have prevented a 2019 shooting at a Santa Clarita high school—even though the shooter obtained the weapon without a background check. He has voted against expanded background checks for gun purchases and said he opposed “new” restrictions on guns.

Veterans Care & Benefits

  • Garcia voted twice against the funding of $115.5 Billion for the Veterans Affairs Department, Military Construction, and related agencies. He also voted against strengthening consumer protections related to medical debt and credit reporting for service members.

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More on Garcia’s extreme voting record:

On Immigration
  • Garcia voted against providing DREAMers with a pathway to citizenship and falsely claimed that DACA recipients were not subject to thorough vetting, such as a criminal background check.
  • He repeatedly voted to spend taxpayer money to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border and voted to block payments to immigrant families who were cruelly separated under the Trump Administration.
  • He voted against ending Trump’s Muslim ban.
On Healthcare
  • Garcia wanted to rip away current healthcare protections and opposed policies to make healthcare more affordable.
  • He repeatedly supported repealing the Affordable Care Act, and one of his first actions in Congress was to support a taxpayer-funded lawsuit to gut the law—even though this would have ripped away protections for the more than 6 million Californians with pre-existing conditions and could have caused more than 4.2 million Californians to lose their health insurance.
  • Garcia has said he was “not a big fan of” Medicaid, even though roughly 15% of adults in his district benefitted from the program.
On Money in Politics
  • Garcia is running a campaign fueled by Republicans and corporate donors. Over half of his money comes from super PACs.
  • Has taken hundreds of thousands of dollars from the oil and gas industry, pharmaceutical industry, real estate industry, and other corporations.
  • Garcia’s voting record shows he puts profit over people.
On Education
  • Garcia repeatedly voted against making childcare more accessible and affordable, including opposing a plan to help essential workers with child care during the pandemic and a plan to provide pre-kindergarten to every 3- and 4-year-old in America.
  • He opposed funding for high-poverty schools and efforts to reduce education disparities.
  • He voted against making Pell Grants more accessible & repeatedly opposed increasing student debt relief, including voting to keep a Betsy DeVos Ed Dept rule that made it more difficult to receive student loan forgiveness.

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