Volunteer with the Santa Clarita Valley Democrats

Make a difference in our community

You can help make a difference in the Santa Clarita Valley by volunteering with us. From voter outreach to community service, we’re active year-round to serve our community, support Democratic values, and help get Democrats elected up and down the ballot. As Democrats, we care about our community all the time, not just when it’s time to vote.

No matter what time or energy commitment you can offer, we welcome your help. Keep up to date with our events and please reach out if you’ve found a volunteer opportunity the Santa Clarita Valley Democrats would be a good fit for.

Volunteer of the Month

John Wheeler is our Volunteer of the Month for September! Read more about John on our blog.

We’re so grateful for the hard work that all of our fabulous volunteers devote to helping make our community, our state, and our world a better place. If you’d like to get started volunteering with us or would like to learn more, please email our Director of Volunteers, Juliana Sheldon, at [email protected].

Find a Volunteer Opportunity Today

The Santa Clarita Valley Democrats host and participate in a wide range of community-focused activities. If you’ve never volunteered with a Democratic organization before, getting started is usually the biggest hurdle. We strive to offer guidance and support so everyone feels confident showing up to a Santa Clarita Valley Democrats event. If you have questions about volunteering in general, check out our FAQs section at the bottom of the page.

Community Service

We’re dedicated to helping our community whenever and however we can. The Santa Clarita Valley Democrats stands for community organizing because as Democrats, we always put the well-being of our neighbors first.

Whether our many dedicated volunteers are helping to or boosting messages from local community organizations, our community service work goes beyond political activities.


Written reminders are another great way to increase voter turnout—after all, who doesn’t like receiving handwritten mail? Join us in writing postcards to our neighbors to make sure they’re ready to vote in 2024!

Voter Registration

California’s voter registration is more accessible than many other states’ systems, but it still takes time to register — and busy people often forget. We host voter registration drives across the Santa Clarita Valley to start conversations about the issues we care about and to help everyone register to vote. Check back later for information about how you can get involved in our voter registration efforts!

Should I Volunteer?

If you’re looking for a way to get involved in your community, work with other Democrats, and/or support progressive policies—yes! We offer many volunteer events so everyone can find a way to help that works for them.

Get Involved

One of the best ways to feel positive about politics and your community is to get involved. Our volunteers have found joining Santa Clarita Valley Democrats events gives them more perspective about the issues facing us and more hope for the future.

Meet Democrats

When you volunteer with the Santa Clarita Valley Democrats, you’ll know the people around you care about advancing progressive policies that make life better for everyone. Connecting with other caring people can be the start of great friendships.

Make a Difference

Politicians can’t do everything on their own. They need the help of volunteers to connect with the voters who will care about their platform. By talking to people in the Santa Clarita Valley, you can increase the number of Democrats who vote.

Volunteer FAQs

Can I Volunteer Even If I’ve Never Helped a Political Campaign Before?

Absolutely! The Santa Clarita Valley Democrats cares not only about raising up this generation’s leaders, but developing the next generation. We will be happy to show you the ropes and answer your questions.

Do I Have to Be a Member of the Santa Clarita Valley Democrats to Volunteer?

We welcome all community members, even those who aren’t part of the Santa Clarita Valley Democrats, to our volunteer events. If you want to check out the group or are just excited by the event, please RSVP! However, we invite you to explore membership in the Santa Clarita Valley Democrats, which brings other exciting opportunities such as voting privileges to endorse and support local, state and federal candidates.

How Can I Help If I Don’t Have Much Time?

We try to schedule our events so they only last a few hours, but we understand that’s not a feasible commitment to everyone. If you can’t make any of our scheduled volunteer activities, try something like postcard writing that can be done on your own schedule. Another way you can help is by sharing our events on social media.

What Should I Bring to a Volunteer Event?

Showing up is the most important part—but we want to help you be prepared in all ways possible. In most cases, an event listing will mention when you need to bring additional materials. For text and phone banking events, you will need a phone and a computer (a charging block can come in handy too). Events that will be outside, like voter registration and some community service initiatives, require sunscreen and/or warm clothes, depending on the weather. For lit drops or canvassing, you should wear comfortable shoes and bring a fully charged mobile phone.

What If I Don’t Have the Items Necessary for a Volunteer Event?

Please reach out to our team if you want to volunteer but can’t provide the additional materials listed in the event post. We want everyone to be able to participate, and someone may be able to lend you materials or buddy up with you so you can join in.