This is the last Republican stronghold in L.A. County.

Your vote can change that.

The Santa Clarita Valley is home to a community undergoing transformation. The City of Santa Clarita has grown into the third-largest city in Los Angeles County, and this valley only continues to evolve. We’re a community with increasingly diverse backgrounds, cultures, experiences, and dreams.

Despite our changing population, Republican politicians hold our congressional seat and both state offices, and nearly every local governing body is still under GOP control.

From the school board to the halls of Congress, we deserve representation in government that reflects and responds to our community’s needs — not the interests of corporate giants or anti-democratic extremists.

Every election has consequences. The races for Congress , the state legislature, and local offices are no exception.

The defense of reproductive rights, the safety of our classrooms, the quality and cost of our water, the oversight of law enforcement, the fairness of our wages, and so much more are all at stake in these elections that appear after the presidential race on the ballot.

After successfully fending off the GOP’s attempt to recall our Governor, we’re running low on funds.

If you want to help fuel our work to unseat the seditious Rep. Mike Garcia and his local right-wing allies, please chip in $10, $15, or whatever you can spare today to our Flip SCV Blue fund.

Want to get more involved in the fight to flip SCV blue?

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